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  • We specialize in custom-made flexible ultra-fine wire ropes and tubing with high torsional rigidity, optimized for minimally invasive medical devices.


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    Wire drawing
    Diamond wire dies polished to micrometric levels of precision
    Achieve tolerances < 2 μm
    Min. diameter 0.01mm (1/6th of human hair)

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    Wire forming
    Technology is used to produce wire rope and coils
    Broad customization possibilities depending on application
    SUS304, SUS316, Tungsten, Nitinol

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    Torque technologies
    Highly developed torque technologies designed for medical applications
    Enabling wire rope and cable tubes to possess one-to-one torque
    SUS304/316, Nitinol

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    Coating technologies
    In-house production from Compounding to Extrusion, Dipping and PTFE liner & tubing
    Coating customization of our advanced wireropes and coils
    Stand-alone Polymer tubing, Braided tubing

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