Torque coil

Torque coil


Multilayer coil with high flexibility and torsional rigidity realize optimal torque transmission in tortuous anatomy for precise deployment and delivery.

The torque coil, consisting of multiple layers of multifilar coils, has excellent flexibility and torque transmission characteristics. it enables high-speed rotation and precise rotational control from the proximal end through very tortuous anatomies. Typical applications are for IVUS, OCT catheter, atherectomy devices, and delivery catheter shaft.

Torque transmission characteristics

The test result shows how the Multifilar coil (either Torque coil or ACT ONE) transmits precise torque control from the proximal end to the distal end. This allows your catheter shaft to enable stable positioning control.



For applications where relatively high outer diameters (2-4 mm) need to be combined with both good torque transmission and high flexibility, Asahi Intecc’s torque coil would be a good solution. Depending on the required rotation directions, torque coil is provided in both 2-layer and 3-layer versions.


Stable high-speed rotation with high flexibility.

Round wire torque coil offers to possibility to combine high-speed rotation in very tight angulation. An example application of torque coil is IVUS catheter. The main benefit is enabling stable high-speed rotation in tortuous segments, while also providing an inner lumen for additional cables or optical fibers.


High flexibility with both side rotation and elongation resistance.

- High resistance to axial elongation and compression

- Excellent torque force and torque transmission (hand speed)

- Thin wall thickness and flat surface



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