Wire rope

Wire rope

Designed to balance flexibility, elongation resistance, and high strength, typically used for angulation wires in endoscopy and medical robotics forceps.

Asahi Intecc started in 1976 as a manufacturer of custom stainless-steel cables solutions and monofilament stainless wire, including small wire rope, strands and cables, plastic coated miniature cable, and miniature stainless cable assemblies for both medical device and non-medical applications.


The stainless-steel wire ropes have either a strand-core or wire rope-core.

1. IWSC (Independent Wire Strand Core): The core consists of a strand made of the same material as the outside strands of the wirerope. These strands are combined in configurations such as 3x7, 7x7 and 7x19. This structure can be used universally as a mechanical element and features excellent axial rigidity and bending flexibility.

2. IWRC (Independent Wire Rope Core): The core consists of a wire rope, around which the outside strands are twisted. The core wire rope and strands are combined in configurations such as {(7x7)+(1x19)x8} and others. This structure is used for mechanical elements that require high flexibility. As durability in the original form is low due to easy deformation under contact stress, these types are usually coated with a synthetic resin such as nylon.

In order to ensure the highest quality, we draw our own wire material in-house. Besides regular SS304 and SS316, Asahi also has its proprietary WHT (high-tensile strength) stainless-steel. We also work with tungsten and nitinol.


The wire rope is twisted in either Z-lay or S-lay. The Z-lay is most commonly used.


Comparison of properties

Different wire rope construction at O.D. 1mm

tungsten wire rope

Asahi wire rope has been specifically designed for high flexibility and high strength. Different structure options give the possibility to meet your need as closely as possible. Example applications are angulation wires in endoscopic scopes, medical robotics forceps, etc.


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